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Knitstyler patterns

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Knitstyler patterns differ slightly from other knitting patterns.
Our main objective is to make knitting as easy and as intuitive as possible to you, so we have minimized the usage of words and instead maximized the usage of pictures.
Take a peak at an example to see how we have added simplicity to your understanding and execution

Example of a Knitstyler pattern - UK »
Example of a Knitstyler pattern - USA »

Here you can see some of the symbols.

caston Cast on caston
knitstitch Knit stitch from right side.
Purl stitch from wrong side.
purlstitch Purl stitch from right side.
Knit stitch from wrong side
yarnover Yarn over yarnover
castoff Cast off castoff
decrease Decrease 1 stitch by knitting 2 stitches together -
decrease Decrease 1 stitch by lifting over 1 stitch, knit 1 stitch, pull the lifted stitch over the knitted
increase Increase 1 stitch by knitting two stitches in the same stitch, 1 in the front loop and 1 in the back loop.
row from right side Row on right side  
row from wrong sida Row on wrong side